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The amazing stories of extraordinary people living in Notting Hill Genesis homes

Recorded during lockdown, our resident podcasts include artists, musicians, DJs and writers, from a range of backgrounds with a wide variety of interests. Inspired by BBC Radio 4 shows Desert Island Discs and Inheritance Tracks, the podcast invites you to connect with interesting people and the music that has influenced their lives.

With training and support from arts and education charity resident volunteers learnt new skills, conducting interviews and sound recording.  For series two an amazing collaboration with The Say- It Loud Club who volunteered and shared their stories. The Say It Loud Club provide support LGBTQ+ refugees and asylum seekers in the UK


Every Kinda People is such a wonderful way of exploring people’s lives and the stories that have emerged from this project are moving, funny and fascinating – a real cross section of the lives and loves of Londoners. We also really enjoyed working with the team of brilliant volunteers who brought their own stories and skills to the project and made it such a success.

Matthew Rosenburg from Digital Works

Series 2

Drusilla’s Story
TJ’s Story
Ngozi’s Story
Ken’s Story
Ian’s Story
Hilda’s Story
Dean’s Story
Daphine’s Story
Beverley’s Story

Series one

Janet’s Story
Keith’s Story
Sebastian’s Story
Jenny’s Story
Mark’s Story
Francisco’s Story
Paul’s Story
Hollis’ Story
Margaret’s Story
Peter’s Story