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I was born and raised in south London, Croydon, I grew up in a very close family consisting of my mum and my two brothers, I struggled with social anxiety and depression throughout my life which made it difficult to feel like I could fit in with others, this is where I feel art has really helped me it allowed me to portray the way I felt and to explore things I was passionate about.

The main thing I love to paint are space and planets as I’ve always been interested in space and its grand events which have taken place in the universe. This led me to want to learn more about it, being fascinated with its beauty, and also the dangers it presented, my key inspiration for painting space was when I first saw pictures of Saturn taken by the satellite pioneer 11. so, when I went into the paint media this allowed me to frame more of its breath-taking aspects.

Aspiring figures such as albert Einstein and Galileo were people that I looked up to for giving us our early understanding of our galaxy. Moving forward I hope to define my skills to better capture intricacy of the universe.