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I was born in Paddington, North London and moved to South London in 1984. I have lived and worked in Walworth since 1992.

Since 2018 I have worked with residents on the Aylesbury Estate in South London researching the connection of memory and place. High points have been The Lockdown Art Club, The Young Resident’s Workshops, Home is Where the Heart, an exchange of postcards between older and younger residents about life on the estate over the past 50 years.  And As Here Becomes There an exhibition at ASC Gallery of the young peoples.

The series ‘Soft Concrete’ presents landscape views of the Aylesbury Estate made in felt. They express a softer, more domestic environment than the hostile, hard edged version of the Estate often portrayed in the media..

‘The Aylesbury Fragments’ is a series of drawings and paintings made on shards of concrete salvaged from the demolition of Chiltern, a block of flats which was home to over 500 Aylesbury residents.

Harriet has kindly donated a limited edition of prints of these art works, to support our resident hardship fund.